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nat giotto

Hello and Warm Welcome!

I'm Nat and I migrated from Brazil back on 2015 and instantly felt I was going to call this country home. On 2020, I got an unexpected and yet remarkable opportunity to learn about the world of locks and what a ride! What initially began as a longstanding desire to have them transformed into a immersive experience, heightening my passion for it and now allowing me to "work" with what I love :P

I also have a hair extensions business, another passion of mine. Being able to combine these two not only brings me so much joy, but also push me towards continuous growth and humility in life.

Creating and nurturing locs is my love language and in doing so I feel privileged to bond and accompany the journey of THE MOST extraordinary people.

Natalia and client
Natalia working detangling

solstice locs

Solstice Locs officially kicked off on 2023 with the intention to focus only on my loc'd people.
The name itself is like a cosmic nod to this fresh chapter -  rebirth and reconnection, just like when we're spinning those locs magic.

Picture this: when I'm crafting your dreads, I'm in my element - laughing, vibing, and just being my true-self. And that's what you'll feel here. We thrive on this awesome connection that sparks between us. Let's keep this community lively!

Being part of Solstice is about keeping it real, transparent, authentic, and just going with the flow. It's an energy thing!
So welcome, gang! I can't wait to tag along on your journey and be part of this fantastic ride.


Natalia and couple clients
Natalia working dreadlocks
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