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Solstice loyalty program

Solstice Loyalty

At Solstice, we believe that our clients deserve something back for their amazing loyalty. That's why we're excited to introduce our loyalty program, designed to reward our valued clients for choosing our business to take care of them.

Earning Rewards:

  • For every $20 spent at Babalu, clients earn $1 in rewards.

  • The total purchase amount is cumulative, meaning clients can accumulate their spending over multiple visits with no limit.

  • To be elegible clients need to book through our booking system and create a login.

Tracking Rewards:

  • Clients can track their rewards through their emails or by contacting customer support.

Redeeming Rewards:

  • Clients can redeem their earned rewards in services or elegible products.

  • To redeem rewards, clients can simply request to apply their available rewards balance to their purchase during checkout.


  • Some items or purchases may not be eligible for reward points. These exclusions will be clearly communicated to clients.

  • Rewards cannot be used to pay for gift vouchers and store credits.

  • Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash; they can only be used as discounts on future purchases.

  • Points are automatically removed if transaction is refunded or invoice is deleted.


  • Earned rewards will have a validity period. Clients must use their rewards within this period, or they will expire.

  • The expiration date of rewards will be communicated to clients at the time of earning.

Promotions and Special Offers:

  • From time to time, there may be promotions or special offers that allow clients to earn rewards more quickly or receive bonus rewards.


  • Clients will receive periodic email updates about their rewards balance and any ongoing promotions related to the program.

Terms & Conditions

  • The program terms and conditions, including the earning rate and reward validity period, will be detailed in the program's official documentation.

  • The program is subject to change, and clients will be notified of any updates.

  • The Loyalty Program is a straightforward and effective way to reward your clients for their loyalty while encouraging repeat business and higher spending at your establishment. It's easy for clients to understand and provides a clear incentive for them to keep coming back.

  • Rewards credits are not transferable and can only be used for services provided by Babalu Hair Haus.

  • The credits can only be used once.

  • Credits carry no cash value.

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