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Pet dreadlocks


Great way to start your loc journey if you are not ready to commit to a full head or you simply want to have some locs to rock  your mane. It could go anywhere from 4 to 15 locs.

Half head dreadlocks

half head

Ok, so this is the next level, but not yet full head style. Perfect for those that want to have both the worlds - loose and locked hair -, or you want to have mowhak/top-notch style. This is average 20 to 30 locs.

Full head dreadlocks

Full head

Now, this is the full commitment, babeh! You've done your job researching, asking, dreaming about it everyday and can't live without anymore. You can leave just the fringe/bang out. You'll have at least 35 locs


At Solstice Locs, I use a combination of backcombing and a crochet hook method. Renowned for achieving the instant appearance of matured locs that are neat and uniform, the crochet method accelerates the maturation process compared to other methods like freeform, interlocking, twist & rip, and backcombing. Despite its higher skill requirement, the crochet method require using a small crochet hook to manually interlock and weave hair strands, resulting in the creation of dreadlocks before they reach full development.



  • ​Instant dreadlocks

  • Tight and consistent

  • Immediate wash/swim ability

  • Compatibility with all hair types

  • No need for additional products


  • Find experienced professionals can be challenging

  • Improper use may damage hair

  • ​It can cause discomfort if applied too tightly to the scalp or for individuals with highly sensitive scalps.


  • Using the right size crochet hooks

  • Avoiding over crocheting bleach or aged hair (the more brittle the more careful we need to be).

  • Practicing on fake hairP

  • Seeking professional guidance are crucial steps to prevent damage. Crocheting can work for various hair types when done correctly.


Guys, YES, your locs will shrink. No matter what hair texture you have, they will lose length during the maturing phase, and that can go anywhere between 12 to 18 months, maybe less, maybe more, everyone has a their own time. "But Nat, why? I want my locs to get longer from day one!" Nope. Accept it and it'll hurt less haha Now, let's get into the explanation. As locs mature, they will condense and tightens forming sturdy knots. 

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