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Consultation and Guides

Check our guides to have an idea of how long and how many grams of extensions you will get. This will be an approximate idea. An in-person consultation will give you the exact amount, colour and price. To attain flawless installation, there are four essential pillars that must be executed with precision. Here you will find the guides that will assist you to get an approximate idea of how much you will need.

  1. Colour: every hair is unique and display at least two distinct colours. To achieve the most authentic outcome, a fusion of at least two shades is imperative. To attain the utmost genuine result, it becomes crucial to blend at least two shades harmoniously. Furthermore, tailoring the extensions to closely resemble your natural color is essential, enabling you to confidently style your hair without concerns of conspicuousness. An in-person consultation holds significant importance in ensuring this aspect. In our house, we operate with Remy hair featuring pre-designed colors, alongside Brazilian virgin hair that offers complete customization, being entirely 100% adaptable to your preferences. (Figure 1)

  2. Density: the greater the contrast between your natural hair and the desired length, the more grams of extensions will be necessary to bridge the gaps seamlessly and achieve a harmonious integration. Refer to guidelines to gain insight into your current appearance and how it will transform based on the selected quantity. (Figures 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d)

  3. Texture: both your natural hair and the extensions must share identical texture. This uniformity becomes especially crucial when air-drying or engaging in activities like swimming to maintain a consistent and genuine appearance. Whether through an online or in-person consultation, it's necessary to have your hair washed and left to air dry naturally. This ensures an accurate assessment of its authentic texture.

  4. Placement: even with accurate density, individual scalp and hair variations dictate that each extension be strategically placed for a comprehensive and balanced effect. Throughout the in-person consultation, your hairstylist will examine the condition of your scalp to ensure that the installation process is safe.

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